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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Launch of the CC Cream

Welcome to my blog! This blog is going to be all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It's my place to connect with you guys on the passions we share.

The first post is beauty related. So we have surely all now been hooked onto the craze of the BB cream. I love this 'magic' beauty product. These Blemish Balm creams took over Asia by storm and developed them in to being a must have product for your make up bag. This cream option gives you the all in one effect. It has definitely proved to be one of the best next generation products. It has been developed to even, cover, illuminate and hydrate skin.

BUT LADIES STOP........if you haven't heard, watch out for CC cream's - aka Complexion Corrector cream!!! It's a dream buy as it works for most skin tones.

Already a smash hit in Japan, the CC cream acts as a moisturiser and foundation with SPF. This will provide more coverage than the BB creams. It has the added bonus feature that it does not cake or crease. Here in the UK L'Oreal and Chanel have great CC creams already with plenty in the making and soon to launch. I have already signed up to be one of the first to try the L'Oreal brand. I know I'm already going to love it and it comes in 3 different variations. I cannot wait!!!

The brand Nip+Fab already have launched their first CC cream along with the eye fix in the light and dark range. (buy them here)

For now I still love the BB cream, especially the Garnier B.B Cream for combination to oily skin miracle skin perfecter. (buy them here) For me this is amazing as my skin can become oily around the T-zone as the day progresses so this makes my skin matte and acts as a great primer for my make up routine. I also love their BB cream eye roll on. Great for covering up those dark circles and refreshing your look. My must haves!!!

What are your favourites?

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