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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Claire's Accessories Earrings

I've hopped on the trend and added a few new piercings to my ears. I love the look of dainty jewelry crawling up the lobe, with all the intricate pieces spaced nicely along parts of the ear. I've been trawling through Instagram admiring all the amazing pieces you can pick up. I decided to bite the bullet and booked in at Claire's Accessories for some more piercings, and as I had used them for this I was entitled to a discount if I purchased any earrings from them. It worked out perfectly as they also had buy 3 get 3 free. Obviously I jumped at the chance and treated myself to a few new pairs. Here are my favourite earrings that I recently picked up and am currently obsessed with. They are all currently on sale so make sure you check them out and pick them up as they go with so many outfit looks for this season. 

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Here are a few Huggie type earrings that are on my current wish list.

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