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Thursday 15 January 2015

MoYou Nail Art Designs

Hi All! I hope you've had a fantastic week so far!

So I'm not sure about you but I'm obsessed with nails. I always have to paint my nails and in my beauty collection I own the rainbow!! Every Sunday I love to pamper myself and this includes a new colour on my nails. I have always admired the amazing nails that can be achieved with different patterns, art, etc. However 1) I don't always have the patience 2) the time and 3) a steady hand to do intricate details.

So when I found out about MoYou Nail Art design sets I fell in love immediately. Check out their website here where you can buy the various collections that suit your style or full sets. They can also be bought at Boots here.

My fave collections are the Explorer (here), Fairytale (here), Greek Mythology (here) and Mother Nature

To use these designs you just need the following tools:

1) Apply nail polish (you can purchase the MoYou Special Nail Lacquer or try your own brands.

2) MoYou Stamp & Scraper (can be purchased from the site here)

3) Whichever Image Plate is your chosen fave.

You will then need to follow these simple instructions to apply the image onto your nails:

1) You will need to remove the blue protection sticker.

2) Apply the nail lacquer or your chosen polish on your chosen design.

3) Then remove the excess nail polish with the scraper. (45 degree angle)

4) Pick this design up using the stamp and this will be in a rolling motion.

5) Now its ready to stamp onto your nail still using a rolling motion.

6) Its recommended to use a top coat in order to last.

Whats your fave collections? Have you tried MoYou Nail Art yet? Let me know in the comments below! Until we next meet xoxo.


  1. Just discovered your blog AND moyou London plates. How did you decide which ones you wanted? I wanted them all!

    1. I know so tough they are all amazing! Love them! xxx

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