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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Maybelline Dr Rescue Nail Care Range Review - SOS Balm, Gel Effect Top Coat & All In One

Hey Lovelies!

I love painting my nails and have a complete obsession with nail polish! Check out my video on my nail polish collection here I love to include my nails in my weekly pamper session and I believe taking care of my nails is so important so I include this in my routine to give them the best love and attention I can.

So imagine my excitement when Maybelline started to launch their Dr Rescue Nail Care range. I love this brand and their wide range of products. There are currently 6 products in this collection and I have been lucky enough to try 3 of them so will definitely be purchasing the other half! (They always have 3 for 2 on in Boots or Superdrug too .... Happy days!)

The range includes: Dr Rescue SOS Nail Balm, Dr Rescue Nail Care All in One, Dr Rescue Nail Care CC Nails, Dr Rescue Peel-off Base coat, Dr Rescue Nail Care Gel Top Coat and Dr rescue Nail Polish Remover.All are priced at £2.99 apart from the SOS Balm which is £3.99 currently at Superdrug and can be found here

I have purchased the balm, the all in one nail care and the Gel Top Coat to try out.

Dr Rescue SOS Balm

Basically nail care in a stick! I have never tried a balm product packaged in this format before for my cuticles but I am so impressed! The cap pulls off and you twist the tube for the balm to appear. The balm itself applies lightly and is very moisturising! The product quickly absorbed into my cuticles instantly making them feel softer. Great for everyday use and is very travel friendly. Perfect for these colder months when I find my hands become much drier and need that boost of hydration. So this will instantly be a pick me up for my cuticles this winter. The size of this product is 8g and contains jojoba oil and shea butter (that to me shouts nourished cuticles and nails),  This also acts as a colour correcting base coat and conceals and whitens your nail.

Dr Rescue Nail Care All in One

The All in One is great as a base and top coat. I personally use it for both and find my nail colour lasts even longer. This formula also helps to strengthen nails which is perfect for me as mine are prone to breaking easily. The brush allows for easy application and it dries quickly which is a plus when you are in a rush. This formula is also perfect to just use on its own and gives you the bare look with added shine, perfect! I love having all different colors on my nails and this affordable base/top coat allows me to keep my nails looking more polished than ever!

Dr Rescue Nail Care Gel Top Coat

This is the latest addition to my collection and I love it! I am so impressed by this formula and it really does what it says on the bottle. It leaves a stunning shiny glossy finish which is amazing for all my fellow nail polish addicts. Gel mani's with an amazing price tag. This is a clear formula so just adds the gloss over any colour you are rocking. It is a thicker consistency to the all in one formula and once coated it helps to keep your nails chip free. I can say it definitely works from experience and will be repurchasing this baby again and again.

Overall I am obsessed with this range and hope they continue to add more in this line of products. Definitely worth the price and the packaging is so cute too. Perfect for us nail loving gals!


  1. I shall have to try these products, they sound fab :) xx

    1. Yes def recommend them girl! They work wonders and are so affordable! Love them!xxx

  2. Ooh! I love Maybelline's products so much. With winter arriving with its full blast, I will have to look for these products for my nails asap!!!!!!!

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. I know they are so affordable and amazing quality. Always visit their counter to check out their products. Did you manage to try these out? xx

  3. I have never heard about these products, but they sound really lovely! Hopefully I can buy them soon! :)

    X Marjolein

    1. Yes they are amazing affordable products! Love adding them to my manicure routine. Did you manage to try them? xx

  4. Haven't seen these sold where I live yet! I like the sound of that All in One polish.

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  5. This is lovely, thank you! Looks like a great dupe too!! :)

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