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Friday 20 January 2017

Keeping Fit

Hey Guys!

For the last few months I have been trying to eat a lot healthier and to up my exercise game. I'll admit I love eating what I want and the gym is the last place I want to step in. For me keeping fit is so important but I want to enjoy it while I am doing it too. Basically taking care of my body without even realising it. Exercise and feeling good about your body boosts your confidence and mind and as long as you are happy that is the main thing. I do not want to be a size zero, to be honest I'm not that bothered how much I weigh! I just want to feel fit and healthy within myself.

This is why a few months ago I joined a local Glowfit class (also known as Clubbercise). It has become such a popular class around the country and i can definitely see why. My class is just women and the room is made to feel like a club theme. Lights are switched off and disco lights are flashing. We do aerobics to the latest club tunes with flashing glow sticks. The music is pumping so really gets the adrenaline going and this spurs me to give the moves my all (including the 100's of squats). It is set at a reasonable pace but the best thing is the instructor
does not pressurise anyone and you just do your best. Everyone always enjoys it and I think for a lot of women who don't really like been watched when working out this is ideal.

For me I just have so much fun with my friends when we go. So much so I've been looking at alternative fun exercise classes. I had a taster of power hoop but I don't have the hula-hoop technique down so can safely say that was not for me but still happy to have given it a go. My next class i'm hoping to try is a trampoline class! I think I have found my perfect way of keeping fit but also have fun at the same time too.

What exercise classes do you attend? Any interesting ones?

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