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Saturday 14 January 2017

Winter Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys!

This time of year always takes a toll on our bodies and even our moods. I definitely get affected by the weather and when the winter drags on I yearn for the summer. There are beauty products and techniques I use this time of year to keep my skin hydrated and my mood positive and I wanted to share them with you today.


First lets discuss the beauty regime. I have ombre hair so this time of year my hair can become even more brittle and dry than usual. I like to use a hair mask at least once a week to boost hydration and keep my hair looking silky and smooth. I love this coconut oil from Mia Flora and this is perfect as a hair mask for dry hair that needs an injection of nutrition and is also great with dry skin and cuticles. I use this as a pre-shampoo hair mask but this also works great as a serum too.

Hands can become very dry throughout the colder months so to keep them soft and prevent cracking of the skin I use a deep moisturising hand cream. I apply this Nivea Rescue & Care hand cream morning and night to lock in that hydration and throughout the day if my hands are showing signs of dryness. It provides 24hr moisture and great if you suffer from really dry skin. It is fast absorbing which is a big plus for me as I am always on the go. 

My lips definitely suffer in the winter and crack easily and Carmax is the perfect remedy for this. This little tub comes everywhere with me and I would be lost without it. It is one of those products that I will always purchase. As lip balms go this is by far one of my favourites. It does what it says on the tin, provides instant relief to chapped lips and leaves them feeling moist, tingly and plump.

My under eyes is an area I always pay attention to and what to focus care on. All year I will always use an eye cream and apply this before I go to bed so it can absorb through the night and provide moisture to my skin. The skin in this area is very thin and is prone to wrinkles so you want to make sure you take good care of it and that's why in the winter months when skin can become drier than usual I apply more of the product. This eye cream from Benefit is great for moisture, it is promoted to banish dark circles but I can safely say that this has not been successful on mine but as moisturisers go this one is great for my eye area.

I have a recent blog post on this Vichy face cream which you can read here. For years I was struggling to find a cream that satisfied my needs from a face cream and this ticks all the boxes. A little goes a long way for my skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished. In the colder months I generously apply this to my problem areas such as around my nose and forehead where I experience dry patches. This combats these areas and leaves them feel hydrated and prepped for my makeup routine. Without this my makeup would look flaky in these areas.

Soap & Glory are a brand with so many amazing products for the body. They are my go to beauty products when needing more of a pamper in the winter, especially to lift my mood. The scents of their products are simply divine and after a bath or shower I love to coat myself in the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Cream. This absorbs beautifully and leaves you smelling delicious. A proper pick me up for winter and amazing for your skin. Super soft, smooth and silky. I also use this to treat my feet by adding a generous amount to my feet and then locking this moisture in by popping on my cute furry pink socks. By doing this the moisture really soaks into those hard skin areas, cracked heels and other issues we can experience in cold months when our feet are trapped in boots all day long. 


Along with beauty products for the winter I find my mind can become less positive (the weather never helps here in the UK) so to clear my mind and fill it with positive inspiration I love to read certain books. This is perfect especially when the weather is too miserable to go out in and you would rather be indoors all snuggled up with a cosy blanket and a cup of tea. Positive books such as inspirational people that have accomplished goals and books that carry positive messages are the ones I tend to grab (after my tea). Currently I a am re-reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coleho. This book spoke out to me in many ways and I take so much positivity from the words. It inspires me to want to do better and this is extremely important to me when my mood slips into a negative spiral. I love to light a candle and sit there while making my way through the pages.

Quotes and Inspirational pictures also provide me with drive so I love to search for these and save them on my social media to remind me when times get tough to keep going and these help to spur me on. This leads on to me setting goals and steps to fulfill my dreams. In the winter months I love to reflect on these and with a new diary in the New Year I love to plan my weeks and feel like I am accomplishing these. This keeps my mind positive and focused. 

Finally do what makes you happy. For me it is to travel and have plans with the free time I have. Book a holiday and pop the date you fly on the calendar. What a great thing to look forward to and aim for. We are going to New Zealand in February and I cannot wait. Seeing friends and family and experience new adventures are also great ways to take you into a happier place and out of those winter blues. 

What beauty products do you rely on in Winter? Any plans set for this year?

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