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Monday 1 January 2018

New Year...New Post | House of Height

Hey Guys!

Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and celebrated in style. 

I had an amazing time spending time with my family and enjoyed having the time off to re-energise. Now we have reached the New Year and I want to steer my blog in a new direction. This year I do not want to set myself resolutions as such, but I want to begin a path of rediscovery of myself. 

Over the last couple of years life has become so busy with work, long commutes (see my tips to a long commute here) and wishing to spend time with family and friends that I have lost myself slightly with some of the pastimes I love. This year I want to set myself goals, whether this be weekly or monthly to reignite my passions and hobbies. I want to bring you along on my journey so lets get going. 

So grateful and blessed to share my story with you.

Happy New Year! 

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