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Sunday 10 February 2019

How to relax after a stressful day

So an update guys! So much has happened in the last year so my blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I was promoted at work, so my job has been busier than ever, which has been such a rewarding experience. Not only do I have that good news, but I have also bought my first home, which I never thought would happen! I can't wait to share all my tips and advice with you guys when applying for a mortgage, along with my journey.

After all the craziness and stressful days over the last year, I really started to invest time in my mindset and trying to achieve a healthy well-being. I really believe in positive energy and try to maintain that approach in my everyday life.

Some days can just be so hard and stressful in life. Whether that be a long day at work, school or with the kids, everyone needs to take time to unwind after a stressful day. I know after a long day at work with a long commute, (read my tips to dealing with a long commute here) that I can get irritable much faster and feel a lot more stressed out due to tiredness. I use the following tips to help me beat the stress and negative feelings. Check out my 10 top tips below:

1. Long bath, candles, pamper

Nothing beats a long soak in the tub. I am obsessed with bath bombs, bubble bath and anything that can make a girl feel pampered. I always feel so much better after a long day by treating my body to a good pamper session. My long-term love with candles and my new obsession with my humidifier and essential oils just add to the bliss of feeling relaxed. What I love about scents of candles and essential oils is that you can choose scents to combat stress, tiredness, illness (colds, etc).  Some perfect oils for stress include lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, chamoile and rose.

2. Watch your favourite show

For me sometimes you just need to veg out and relax after a long day. I like my mind to wander and get lost in one of my fave TV series and the best thing about a series is the are much shorter than a movie so I can easily squeeze in a couple of episodes in an evening after work. Netflix have so many good series and documentaries to get through and I have currently been loving Stranger Things (re-watching as season 3 starts in July eek!), Power and Making a Murderer (still have season 2 to watch - I know I am late to watch it haha).

3. Listen to music

I love music, always have. When I was young I used to save up my pocket money and buy a CD from HMV every Sunday. I used to love playing every track and reading the insert cover to cover. These days streaming makes finding new music so much easier. I listen to music every day as it is perfect for the commute and I love how it can help lift my mood. I subscribe to Deezer for £9.99 a month and this is definitely worth the money. I have so many playlists I have set up for whatever mood I fancy. I love most genres of music so can flip between RnB to Country quickly and love discovering new artists.

4. Read a book

I must admit this is something I should do more of. I really want 2019 to be the year that I pick up a book more and attempt to get through a few. I do love to read but sometimes it is the time for me (no excuse!) I am currently reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and I love how a book can inspire me so much, especially after a long stressful day. Some days motivation can dip and I love picking up my mood with a good quote or inspiring story.

5. Cup of tea

Nothing beats a cuppa right. To be honest I prefer coffee, but sometimes there is always that craving for a good old English cup of tea. When I am looking for comfort or when I am feeling anxious or stressed, I always find tea with a couple spoons of sugar can always assist in calming me. I also love all the green tea options and have a thing for peppermint tea. Even better when it comes in my favourite mug.

6. Exercise class

Exercise gives us endorphins and this is when your body releases chemicals that trigger a positive response. I love exercise classes that also allow you to have a bit of fun too, this always helps after a stressful long day. Some of the classes I have tried and recommend include GlowFit, Boogie Bounce and Power Hoop. These classes are a perfect way of getting back into exercising if you have not been to the gym recently or if ever as they are not too demanding. Not only can you go with a few friends for moral support,  but these classes are also all performed under disco lights (so no bright lights shining is a plus in my book). I always feel better after an exercise class and this can relieve the stress.

7. Sleep

Hands down this is my go to tip after a stressful day. You can always rely on a long restful nights sleep to improve your mood and calm your mind. I do try to aim for 8 hours a night but usually do not get this due to my long days at work and commute. Personally for me if I am feeling anxious or stressed then I love to get into my bed and wrap my duvet around me and switch off from the world. Even if I cannot sleep straight away, some quiet thinking time and personal "me time" is much appreciated.

8. Quiet time

Sometimes your mood just cannot shift, whether that is too much on your mind from the day or you just need a moment to unwind. I always think quiet time with no technology helps at times. It forces you to think things through and sometimes if you are anything like me, I have got myself wound up and in a negative thinking space for no reason. My anxiety gets the better of me. I have to breathe and relax and really focus on my positive thinking pattern. I try to compartmentalise my thoughts and analyse what is really the cause for stressing me out. I try to take things in bite size pieces and think of a solution to each. For example, if I am stressed about work, I try and pinpoint what is the exact issue. Perhaps a certain project or a presentation I have coming up. I then try and write down an action plan of how I can approach this - I will write down all the topics I will need to discuss and questions I need to ask. Once on paper and out of my head I always feel better.

9. Meditate/Calming Apps

I love the likes of HeadSpace and Calm. They are so perfect to help anybody with their guide to meditation and mindfulness. They help to focus, keep calm, breathe, and get a restful nights sleep. Anxiety and stress are so hard to deal with so anything to assist is a big plus in my book. After a stressful day sometimes I listen to these apps just before I go to bed and calm my breathing in order to relax.

10. Talk with a loved one

For me it is so important to communicate. When you keep all the thoughts and stresses in your head to yourself it can just make it worse. For me my twin sister is who I turn to. I would recommend a sibling, partner or friend who really gets you. We are so in tune that I don't have to go into great detail as she just understands how I am feeling. By expressing my emotions to her, we can talk things through and I always feel better with her opinion. If you feel you do not have anyone to talk to then reach out to someone who you feel comfortable with. I am a great listener so feel free to leave a comment below as I would love my blog to be a space where we can all talk, help each other and be friends.

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