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Tuesday 9 January 2018

Beating the January Blues

This time of year feels a little different to the excitement for the run up to Christmas and the fun times spent in the Summer. January to me is always associated with the blues. It always feels like a gloomy month usually due to the weather, returning to work or school and the feeling of the party season being over. The main point to understand is that this is a very normal feeling and you are not the only one experiencing these thoughts or moods. As with everything in life there are ups and downs and it is definitely part of my mood cycle to feel slightly down in January compared to other months. This year on my path of rediscovery (read my previous post here) I want to kick away those negative thoughts creeping into my head. That's why I wanted to share and try these tips for beating the January blues.

1. Set Positive Goals

I think it is so important in life to focus on the positive rather than the negative. By channeling your positive and good feelings and putting these out to the universe, this will attract positive vibes rather than negative. That's why for 2018 I have set myself a bucket list of goals and targets I want to achieve rather than setting New Year resolutions, which to me, mean cutting things out of your life and representing negative things. I feel so excited and ready to face the year by setting myself these amazing challenges. Check out my bucket list here.

2. Exercise

Getting fit and exercise sets off endorphins in our brains. They induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria which can instantly uplift your mood. So not only losing weight, toning your body, it can also change your mood. These are all big pluses in my world. I'm not a massive fan of the gym and find this can become a chore in my week. Therefore for me I try to get fit in other ways such as fun exercise classes. I have tried a few in 2017 such as Glowfit, power hoop and disco bounce. These to me are so much more fun than the boring gym equipment. On my bucket list this year I want to try a new exercise class and I am very interested in getting involved in lifting weights or Crossfit. If that's not for you then at least try and get out and go for a long walk or jog. Also drinking plenty water and eating healthier can make you feel more motivated and ready to face the day.

3. Get in the Light

A lot of the January blues comes from facing the season. Its dark when we wake up and usually dark when we come back from work or school. Therefore it is so important to try and get some of the sunshine and day light from the day. Make sure you get outside if possible on your lunch break and step away from your desk. If that is not an option then there are possibilities to duplicate natural light when you get home. This especially is recommended for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and you can buy special light boxes for this that can help. These can be set on a timer so that you can wake up to a lighter room rather than the dark. This can help set you in a happier mood for the day.

4. Plan a trip

It is always lovely to focus on something and give you a target to work towards. By planning a trip or holiday this can change the mood you are in, by looking forward to this rather than focusing on the blues. By planning the break itself with activities and focusing on this when you feel your mood is slipping you will brighten your day. If the weather does affect you then make sure you chase that winter sun. Last year we planned a New Zealand trip in February and this really helped me have focus and I felt January easily breezed past. Get planning guys!

5. Socialising

It is so easy to find yourself becoming a complete homebody during the winter months, especially in January when it is dark when you leave in the mornings and when you get home. Plus it is a month of saving after the expenditure of Christmas and the party season. I find it so important to keep motivated to plan things with friends and family. By having weekend plans this helps get through the work week when I can feel less motivated to get through the month. This doesn't have to be costly plans but even just having a games night or dinner at home, interaction with people can really help uplift your mood with the ones you love.

I find these tips so important to helping me beat the January blues at this time of year. My mood and approach to life is part of my rediscovery this year so I am definitely going to make a start on these. I hope these help you as much as they help me. What are some of your tips for the January blues or when you are feeling down?

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